We at Dragon's Den have seen our share of great arcade systems but because Arcade conversion is just becoming a main stream project, there doesn't seem to be any real drive to make your Custom Arcade look and play awesome. So we have created a monthly award for you to submit your projects web sites for us to view and judge on a basis of looks, features, and just how you built it.  

Every month you are able to win our award by submitting, or re-submitting you projects URL. You can E-Mail us your URL along with a description of your Custom Arcade, unless it is on your web page, and a little message saying you are applying for the BEST CUSTOM ARCADE AWARD.


This is the Award you will be applying for. This is not the actual size.

If you win this Award Your site will be features in our news And other places which are still being negotiated. So Expect a lot of hit.

All winners will be listed here permanently and be given praise as one of the BEST CUSTOM ARCADES Ever !! Well according to us that is :)   

Contest Rules of Engagement

All submissions must be received before the 30th of the month preceding the month that the award is being awarded for. All submissions are deleted after the monthly award is handed out. New submissions and Re-Submissions are then looked at for the next months award.