Building custom arcades isn't something everyone can or even has the knowledge to do so having our own arcades up here we hope to show you and your friends just how you can build your own arcade that will play over 5000 games. Each arcade is only an arcade cabinet, arcade controls , and arcade monitor fixed or (Hacked) to work with an everyday PC inside running emulators to play games from real arcade games to old video game systems. The games are known as ROMS, These roms are the real game just copied from the cartridge or arcade board into a file that computers can read. These roms are then read and played by free programs called EMULATORS, which are really just translators between the game (rom) and the computer. Making any game playable that you played in the arcade to old console games. Can you imagine playing your favorite console games on an arcade? We did and decided that what were now enjoying, we could share with everyone else who wanted to build one themselves.

This Is My Custom Arcade.


Computer System EMUCADE Is Running On Emulators EMUCADE Is Running

350 Mhz

64 Megs RAM

4 Meg ATI Rage Fury Pro

Sound Blaster 16

8 Gig Hard Drive

Labtec Subwoofer

Mame (Arcade Games)

Sega Genesis

Sega Game gear

Sega Master System


Super Nintendo

Nintendo Gameboy Color


Everything is Running on ArcadeOS on top of  MS Windows 98SE. The system boots up and auto loads ArcadeOS so you never have to see windows, which cuts down on people playing with the settings. A Custom Arcade will cost you anywhere from $800 to $1600 depending on when features you want to add to your cabinet. All I have added to mine that were extra were Pinball Flipper Buttons and a few extra buttons for pausing the game and putting coins in. I have also installed a MP3 Playing Discman behind the marquee for when I want to Hear some nice jukebox style sounding music. As you can see on Arcaded's page he has a steering wheel on his, so what you can add is really endless. Believe me after you have built one you will either want to build another or tweek the one you have until it can do your laundry for you :)


Here are a few great web rings you can browse for some ideas about what to put on your custom arcade.

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