Here is a side view. You can see the doorbell I used for the power button :). I ran out of regular buttons. You can also see holes drilled into the wood, these are used for ventilation.

Here is a top view. You can see all the artwork I used from this site, and the button layout I went with. If you look close you can see that the top lid does not come all the way down flush with the front of the box, this is also used for ventilation.

OH YEAH!! Gotta love duct tape :). It actuall was put together pretty neatly, then I slapped a bunch of duct tape on there to hold all the wire in place. Underneath all the stuff there is a cd jewel case that has the keyboard circuit in it, and the wires run up to the screw strips. You can also see the hacked gamepad on the 1 player side. I think the next one will use an I-PAC :)

OK, this is the computer. On the right, there is a cardboard tube that runs from the powersupply fan, to those holes mentioned earlier. All the way on the left is the keyboard splitter I made. You can find more info to that at the ArcadEd page. You can see the big hinge in the middle that allows you open the top as shown. The computer is a K62-333, 64megs of ram and a 4.3 gig harddrive. And of course an ATI 3drage Pro with tv out. The cable coming out of the sound card is just the standard earphone style plug to 2 rca. You can find this at your local Radio Shack or electronics store.

Here is a screen shot of the software I wrote. It launches with windows, so you have no way to get out of it and into window, unless you plug a keyboard into the back of the system.