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February 18, 2008

I Finally found my login and password after 4 years LOL. Just posting news to say "HI" :) I have received a lot of email about this site and I'm glad to see it is still being used as a reference to how custom arcades were made before there was need for a pre-built controller card and a multitude of people offering pre-build this and pre-made that. You can even just order a complete control unit now and hook it to any system you want; it sure has come a long way. I'm truly proud to say I helped in the start of the Custom Arcade scene. Even  If only one other arcade exists because of my tutorials then I hope it was a labor of love like mine was and still is ;) I'm going to leave everything on this page the way it is; no fancy new design; not going take it down. I feel it is something I want to see again in five years, look back on, and smile.        NOTE: Email is now fixed and working below.



April 18, 2004

It's Been a while since we have bothered with some news because the site has been doing great just with the content we already have :). Which is sweet if you ask me. I still play my arcade regularly and would love to build another (If I had the space for it ). Well we are now over 3 years old and I am still finding our sideart all over the arcade scene, that make me very happy to still be one of the most visited custom arcade sites on the net. Keep on making the arcades because soon it will be all we have to remember the golden oldies.


November 1, 2002

Hello everyone from Neverquest :) And to the rest of you... I hope you are still building your Arcades. I have had a lot of mail with requests for alternate VGA hacks but I have only performed the one kind. I know the Arcade Sideart  and other content hasn't changed to much but I am working on a few projects at once here. The main one is NeverQuest. It is a complete remake of Everquest in  the Neverwinter Nights world. I have a great team working with me so it is turning out great... and fast too :) here is the link.


July 04, 2002

Neverwinter Nights.... Man am I addicted to it. I can't believe how many people have been requesting the old game (Dragon Lord) I figured I was the only person obsessing over this game but, no. There will be a major announcement here soon.. Around September. So please come see what we have to say :) And As always we are answering every ones E-Mail, a lot of new keyboard hacking questions are coming in. So if you need help drop us a line, That's what we are here for.


April 8, 2002

Well it's nice to see we are still getting tons of requests for help with your custom arcades, And that's why we are here :) But I am sorry to say that we are unable to translate our tutorials to other languages as we have been asked to do quite a bit lately, (We only know English). BUT there is a new section up under the FUN STUFF menu, it leads to a new area about 3D modeling. I know that is a little far from arcade related but it is for an up coming project... *wink*. The mail from good old Canada has grown and I would love to hear from more of my beady eyed flapping headed brothers :) Go Build something EH !


March 9, 2002

OK, you got it :). Arcade-In-A-Box is going really well. In three weeks I will be off to Baltimore for the Amiga and Classic Gaming expo to show off the box. I have added the ability to install a slot in DVD drive to make the box your dvd movie player as well. More ideas are popping up everyday so continue to check the website, and check out the news section. Dragons Den is looking sweet, sorry I do not have more time to help you out, but you are doing a fantastic job by yourself. Great news about the Birthday, I had no idea.


March 9, 2002

Just wanna give a quick hello to those who are here for the first time. (You guys know who you are.) Also I have updated the menu with some of the new game data sheets so go print them off for your Arcade reference bible that site right beside your glorious custom built machine. They will have their own page soon. If you want to see a certain data sheet done just send us an E-Mail and we will have it up ASAP. Special note to (Arcaded) - "Hey man post some news about your awesome Arcade-In-A-Box" These guys wanna know whats up with you're your specialty arcade console. Otherwise Enjoy and send us a request !!


March 6, 2002


WE ARE NOW 1 YEAR OLD :)   --=== More than 20,000 hit this year and more coming daily. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US !!  Now go build an ARCADE :)


March 5, 2002

Ok, we are near the 100 votes needed to do the new section (If you missed it please read below). We have a bunch done and ready to go but they take a bit of work more than the average web page due to the fact that they are in flash and are printer friendly. For some reason We have gotten a lot of requests for that old abandonware game "Dragon Lord" and we are more than happy to send it to anyone who wants it. Other Abandonware is available from us but that's not our main goal here :) I'm glad to say we have gotten a few contacts from people working on Custom Arcades right here in good old Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. Back to the abandonware..... I am looking for a server that would let me have some space for an abandonware site. I would do it here but Dragon's Den is an Arcade only site and I would hate to see the amount of mail We would have to open if it branched out :)


February 5, 2002

Well, So far we like how the poll is going. But we will not start anything until the poll hits 100 votes. We do have a few of the new printable game data sheets made so if the response is good enough we will have some content ready and waiting to be put up. Also on another note... If you are having some ROM loading problems on you custom arcade, upgrade the ram. I was having some trouble playing X-Men VS Street Fighter so I tossed in another 128 Megs ram and now everything plays sweetly. If you haven't tried it yet, play Metal Of Honor: Allied Assault (PC). The game absolutely ROCKS. Now go Vote Below !! :)


January 16, 2002

Please tale the Poll below as it will help us decide what to work on next :). Here is a preview of what we are talking about making if the poll goes good.Flash must be enabled... Click Here. After it loads just right click it and choose print. It's ready to be hole punched and stuck in a binder by your arcade for future ROM reference. So please rock the poll and let us know if you want more like this one.


January 10, 2002

I'm working on an update for the sideart and I'm woking on another idea to incorporate into the site, but that won't be for a few days. Would it be worth our while to post printable pages with screenshots , Info, and reviews for Mame and other roms that are currently playable on custom arcades using arcade monitors ? Send us an e-mail and let us know.


Dragons Den Poll
Should We have ROM Reviews with screenshots and game info?

Yes, That Would Rock !!!
I Guess It Couldn't hurt.
No, I would never use em'.
Wanna kiss my pet Alligator?

Search The Internet



January 9, 2002

We are alive !!! We have been answering lots of E-Mail questions and ArcadED has devoted all his time to www.arcadeinabox.com, Please go have a look at his great invention. As for me... I have been working on some programming and keeping my nose in the Dreamcast emulation scene. Even though our news updates have been few and far between we are still going strong and helping everyone who E-Mails us with arcade related questions, and the odd Abandonware request :) Even though this is the first news bit for 2002, I have to bad mouth a business in Winnipeg,  for this reason... I was interested in buying some old arcades so I went to this arcade/golf store near me and the owner told me to come back when the arcade tech was in so I came back a day later and he told me the same thing. I called him a few days later and asked what time I should come in and he told me 5:00 so I cut out of work early to go there and he was in the back bringing in some old mini golf  greens. His co worker asked me what kind of arcades I wanted and then the owner spoke up and said "Don't even bother asking we have stuff to do here and his couple hundred dollars isn't worth our time" Right while I was standing there. So needless to say I have to warn everyone about these jerks.

Phone them and talk to the owner, Tell him how much of a jerk he is, then E-Mail me and let me know you supported my cause :)


Fun F/X

1686 Pembina Hwy

Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

R3T 2G2

(204) 888-4386


November 16, 2001

Well Arcade-In-A-Box is finally done. I had some motivation, I am giving to a close friend of mine for a Christmas/Birthday present. This box is unique in the fact that the computer is completely built into it. All you have to do is plug the 3 RCA jacks into a TV/VCR and turn it on. It boots directly into windows where I created a program that launches on startup. The program shows what each key is and describes how to use arcadeOS. You press one button to enter arcadeOS and other button to completely shutdown the PC You can find it on it's own page here


November 3, 2001

I Won a contest for CD Cover design over at the hub of Dreamcast Emulation DCEMULATION.com . There was a contest held by  ATANI SOFTWARE for the design of a CD Cover for his new legal Sega Genesis Emulator for the Dreamcast. Here is the cover I entered. And thanks to DiscoStu for Shipping me  working copy of Dragon Lord.

WOOT, I get a copy of his emulator before anyone else :).


October 30, 2001

I Could really use your help... If you have ever heard of a game called (DRAGON LORD) Please send me an E-Mail. I was digging through an old box of Amiga software and found only 1 disk of the whole set to play the game. As I fumbled around with the other games; what I dreaded was true, I lost the other 2 disks. Now I wasn't about to set up my Amiga again but I would like to either have a working set of disks or even better yet a ROM for UAE or Fellow of this great game.

Please... If you can give me any information on the game "DRAGON LORD" please contact me. PC, Amiga, whatever I don't care, just please E-Mail me :)


October 26, 2001

The New Arcade manuals section "D", is up and ready for you to download from. More coming soon. Kinda sad to see that the Best Arcade Award didn't bring more cabinets in but with us concentrating more on the content you can expect more great Arcade related goodness :)

REMINDER : Get your kids some great Halloween costumes. And use face paint not masks. (I guess that is the parent in me)


October 25, 2001

OK, this month will be our last cabinet contest. There just has not been turn out we expected each month. That is mostly our fault for not advertising it enough and the fact that the first award took a while. Good news though, if you head over to MAME GTX, he has followed in our footsteps and has started a cabinet contest of his own. He has a lot more time to update his site, and keep track of all the contestants. We are now going to concentrate strictly on content, and nothing else. The contest was a good idea, it just got too personal with some of the contestants.


October 23, 2001

Well a few things in the works. MWMDragon is still working on getting all the new arcade manuals added to the site. I am reworking the Joystik magazines into one large PDF file instead of the 40 or so jpegs in each zip file. We are looking for more content, if you have anything retro that you would like to share with us, please let us know. Old arcade/gaming magazines etc..


October 17, 2001

The New Arcade manuals section "C", is up and ready for you to download from. More coming soon. Wow we have some great entries for this months award... Go have a look, these cabinets are top notch.


October 13, 2001

Arcade Manuals added from the big collection we mentioned yesterday. "A,B" manuals are up and ready for you to download. More will be added ASAP, please note that all the manuals we had before are still up so all  links are working. Is there anything you would like us to add to our site ? Please send us an E-Mail and let us know.


October 12, 2001

We Have stumbled on to some 303 arcade manuals and will be putting them in the manuals section after we get the clearance to use an extra 800megs :). Updates are slow from me and I think you should know what to blame.... EVERQUEST. I'm so addicted. Keep the monthly contest entries coming we have great prizes to give away and love seeing all the new Custom Arcades being built.

P.S. If you see me online in EQ hail me, my characters name is BAHAMET :)


October 8, 2001

Well not much happening, my pictures for Arcade-in-a-Box are getting developed, and we have two submissions so far for our monthly contest. When I get some more time I will be able to finish updating the site, and we still need someone to help us, please send us an EMAIL if you would like to help out with the website.


October 2, 2001

And the Winner is Leonard's XCADER. Racking in 4 of the 5 votes. Congratulations Leonard. Here is what one of the judges had to say about this spectacular cabinet. Really neat finish, well thought through all the way, no rush, nice layout, I like it a lot. I agree, this is a great looking cab, if you have not seen it, please go check it out, he deserves at the very least, some web visits. Start with the submissions for this month..


October 1, 2001

OK, as I wait for all the judges to get their votes in, I want to remind you all to get in your submissions for October. I will have the September winner posted by the end of today, or tomorrow at the latest. I am going to try and finish overhauling the rest of website throughout this week, so keep your eyes peeled. After the site is where we want it, we will start with the regular updates again. We are also still looking for an HTML/Cabinet Building freak to help us out with keeping the site update, please email us if you are interested.


September 21, 2001

It's sad news but it is true that Midway Closed their Coin-Op Division to spend more time working with console development. So that means no more Mortal Kombat at the arcades unless they start using the kind of arcade systems we show you how to build and decorate here. But I don't think that will happen to soon as the ROMS are still considered illegal. On another note, We would like to thank everyone for getting our counter past the 10,000 hits mark which was something We are very pleased to see. I know that updates haven't been to regular but I think the whole world has slowed down a little with everything that is happening in the current affairs department. I also just want all the American fans of our site to know that up here in Canada we also feel the anger and pain, even though it wasn't a direct attack on us we won't stand by and let our closest of friends be alienated. This site is a " crossborder" web site, we are a US and Canadian team.  (ArcadEd)- One more thing, KillerClown from MameWorld has also decided to help us judge the montly contest. Thanks KC


September 18, 2001

Well many people have commented on how much better the site looks black, so we are gonna keep it that way. We are about halfway through the month, so get your submissions in, you could win a capcom cd. On a similar note, we will be adding some judges from other websites to help us decide on the monthly winners. So far, RocLobsta from Mameworld.net and Smitdogg, MAME tester, will be helping out. I still have to hear back from a few more, I will announce them when they have let me know if they want to help. We are still looking for someone to help with the site, send and email and let us know if you want to help.


September 13, 2001

Two things for today. 1. May everyone pray for the families involved in this terrible act of cowardism in New York City and Washington DC. Not only have many people died, but our freedom has been attacked. 2. We need someone to help us with the website, we very busy and it seems like it will not slow down any time soon. If you love emulation, and custom cabinet building, and you have experience with the HTML, please send us and email and let us know you would like to help. Thank You. As many other emulation sites, we go BLACK.


September 03, 2001

ArcadeOS is alive !! The GUI used in most Custom Arcade Conversions has been updated. Even though it isn't in full development swing, it has been a long time coming. You can Download it here.


September 02, 2001

New Look, let us know what you think.  With the start of a new month and me on a much needed vacation from work I am working very hard on making this site the best it can be.  We have screwed up in the past and put this page on back burner for less important stuff, and I vow not to do that again.  The monthly contest will be awarded every month now, I promise you that.  We have 4 CDs left to give away and hopefully will get some more prizes for later on.  Click these links to see the front and back of the prize CD.  It is not much, but hey, we make no money on this site.

Another thing, when sending in your submissions for the best arcade cabinet award, please give a brief description of the features your cab has.  Thanks



August 28, 2001

Here is the WINNER of the Best Custom Arcade Award is....



August 26, 2001

Well, we thought things were calming down, but that has not happened yet. We promise to hand out the award soon. We already have the winner picked, we just have to modify the award and post the winner. Also, thanks to Hanaho, we have free Capcom cds to hand out to our winners as well. These are really nice cds with the arcade version of games like Street Fighter II and Strider. Please hang with us.


August 4, 2001

Here we go... This is the first addition to the side art in a while.



August 3, 2001

Hi Everyone, I am finally back from vacation. There will be a winner to the Best Custom Arcade Posted right away, and there will also be an update with some new stuff for you to download. We also have a sponsor for the site so you can expect some great prizes to come. To all of you who have donated art, I have just received it all and will begin the conversion right away. Thanks for be so patient.


July 12, 2001

Wow, it has been a busy few months for both of us, works has me there 70 hours a week, and I know dragon is very busy as well. Don't give up on us, we are still around. We are going to extend the award til the end of July, so if you want to enter please do. My secret project talked about in the news is very close to completion, I pretty much have to turn it on and install software. I will give you the low down now, and I will have pictures up soon. It is called Arcade-in-a-Box. All the computers components inside a hotrod style joystick, and about the same size. Wow, you say, well it does not need a monitor or speakers, you simple plug it into your tv like a playstation or nintendo via the red,white and yellow rca cable :). Like is said, the pictures have been taken, I just need to scan them. Please stick around as we have plenty of art to convert yet, keep the requests coming.


June 23, 2001

Wow, what a busy summer. Sorry about the Far and Few between updates but we are so busy with everything we haven't had time to prepare anything. We have received more submissions for the Best Arcade Award though, and I must say that some of these projects are very impressive. Here is an updated shot of MWMDRAGON's Cabinet with some of our side art used for the bezel.


June 16, 2001

Thanks Again to SevenForce for taking the time to work on some new donations, we will have them up soon. Also there have been more entries fro the Best Custom Arcade Award, go have a look.


June 11, 2001

We are proud to present a small collection of JOYSTIK magazines from the early 80s, Scanned and ready to download from the Manuals section. Go Have a look, You might just learn  how to beat you friends Pac-man score :) Also there have been a few more submissions for the award.  Remember, you can't lose anything by entering and you can't win if you don't enter ! E-mail us your URLs.


June 7, 2001

We have received our first submission for the award now all you have to do is send us your URL and we have will have a good old competition going here. Please send us your URLs before it to late. Last day to get it to us is June 30th.



June 4, 2001

We are now offering a monthly award to the Best Custom Arcades built. Old or new we are taking submissions for the judging every month. See the Award page for more details.

Click HERE, or click the link above.

Get your URLs in for the first Award to be given July first.


June 3, 2001

1 New piece of Side Art. We have decided that since we are so busy with lives little tasks that we are going to add new side art based on requests only, for a little while. We will be updating things regularly so don't think we are dying out because have to slow things down a little here. Please send us requests preferably by E-Mail and we will have the art up ASAP. Donations are still more than welcome because we will also update the side art page with any donations as soon as we get them.

New Side Art Added :  Galaga


May 30, 2001

I know it has been a while since anything good has happened here but Work and life have been keeping us busy. We still have a lot of updating to do so please check us out every once and a while. Also one of our secret projects is almost done...


May 23, 2001

MAME.DK is Back in business. If you have not checked them out, you must do so. The have the best collection of mame roms anywhere, in fact, they have a full set. Enjoy...


May 19, 2001

We are working on a Hardware project right now so Our updates will be lacking a little but the end result will be worth it :). We have tons of art just waiting to be converted so Give us a look every few days as there is bound to more art up soon.


May 12, 2001

24 New pieces of Side art up. We have tons of art to convert and upload so stick around we are just getting started. We are also going to try fixing up and converting a marquee in the future so if you have any marquee requests then now is the time to get them in. If you have a picture to go along with the request that would be greatly appreciated.

New Side Art Added :  Balrog, Bionic Commando, Blanka, Chun Li, Dhalsim, Dungeons and Dragons, Dragons Lair, E Honda, Guile, Gunsmoke, Joust, Ken, Mame Logo, M Bison, Mortal Kombat, Moon Patrol, Ryu, Sagat, Strider, Tron, Vega, Warlords, Wizard of Wor, Zangief.


May 10, 2001

I have been testing CPS2Mame under ArcadeOS and I have gotten "D&D Shadow over Mystara" working. But it is unstable and it seems as though ArcadeOS is fighting CPS2Mame for some reason. I have not made an APP file yet but I have the game running from under the ArcadeOS Dos shell. I can reconfigure everything in CPS2Mame but It loses the settings when restarted. And any rom over 20Megs will require more than 64Megs of ram to run (That is all i have in my laptop and it gives me an allocating memory error). If you have any tips or information that you think could help me on my journey to getting a stable APP file made for CPS2Mame, Please E-Mail us. By the Way The Request for Rampage that we keep getting, we will have it up as soon as we find a suitable picture for conversion, If you have one please send it to us.


May 9, 2001

Updated the WIP page to include some on going projects that will be done by the end of the month, hopefully. Go and check it out.


May 7, 2001

20 New pieces of Side art up, I had to split the large update in to two small ones so there is more coming within the next day or so. If you have used our side art on any part of your project please e-mail us a picture of it or at least a URL to it and we will feature your site in the news and add you to our links section with the picture or pictures of how you used it.

New Side Art Added :  Antarctic Adventure, Asteroids, Berzerk, Breakthru, Circus, Crowns Golf, Donkey Kong, Gauntlet, Magic Sword, Marble Madness, Missile Command, Orchid, Pitfall, Popeye, SectionZ, Space Invaders, Spiderman, Star Wars, Twin Cobra, WonderBoy


May 6, 2001

We are working on that update still, there will about 30 new pieces of side art up right away. Here is a great demonstration of what our side art is good for :)  http://www.angelfire.com/80s/mame/4__moving_inside.htm. Again, please  e-mail us any donations or requests. We don't know what you want unless you tell us.


May 03, 2001

Working on a large update so expect more side art as soon as it is ready. We have found that the converting software we were using is not always as good as it seemed to be, If you find any WMF file that does not look right just let us know and we will have better copy up ASAP. My Girl friend made and dedicated a Dragon site to me :) Have a look...   http://dayzeesdiversion.com/dragonsbreath.html  .


April 29, 2001

8 New pieces of Side art up. We have a lot of help from people letting us know what we can change or add to make our site better and we welcome every ones ideas, They have made Dragon's Den a more friendly place. For example, From now on when there is side art added we will add a list here in the news listing what was added. Also we are working on a menu for the side art page that will allow you to download any of the side art without going through the graphic intensive pages (I like all the graphics but I'm sure "Joe Modem" doesn't find it to fun). Also I would like to Thank Seven Force for keeping up the great donations

New Side Art Added :  1941, Final Fantasy, Ghouls And Ghosts (x2), Probotector, Punch Out, Romance, Zelda


April 27, 2001

5 New pieces of Side art up, They were donated by Seven Force. The weather here is perfect in Winnipeg If you have an arcade project and are in canada we would love to put your page on the links page, e-mail us please. If you are able to find a few old game magazines or if you have a favorite game characters picture please e-mail them to us we work on all donations ASAP.


April 24, 2001

8 new pieces of side art are up for you to enjoy . Just to answer a few questions we have had... We don't separate the Arcade from the Nintendo or Sega Side art pictures because what some people know as being from one platform might not have been introduced to them until it came out for another platform. Making it harder to find the image you are looking for. Also If you make a request through the poll we can't E-Mail you when we put the requested side art up, So please make requests by E-Mail if you want to be notified when we fill it . Our Counter Messed up so now we have to start from 0 all over again, oh well :) 


April 23, 2001

We are working a bunch of Arcade Posters right now, Converting and Zipping . The Great Guys at MameDK have given us a little of their spotlight in the news section. I'm also trying to get CPS2Mame working under ArcadeOS, If you have do it or have any info about it you would like to share please send us an E-Mail. Please keep Those side art requests coming !!! 


April 18, 2001

144 Snes Manuals Added in the manuals section ! If you have a Manual we don't have here (Arcade, Snes, Genesis, Gameboy, Ect.) You can Donate it to us through E-Mail as a zip, txt, pdf file. You will get credit for every manual donated. Arcaded was born a hardware hacker, or at least I think so. He is working on a Duel Steering wheel system and a bunch of other great ideas. You can find info on what he is up to on the WIP page, Have a look. 


April 16, 2001

Over 30 Arcade Manuals Added in the manuals section ! Arcaded is working on all the cool CGI scripts for the site. And we will be adding a message board for requests and other arcade related threads.



April 14, 2001

We are all moved and everything is working great ! Look forward to a few changes on the pages, as well as more side art. don't forget to update your bookmarks.

Dragon's Den

April 12-Moving, 2001

We have our own domain at www.emuunlim.org now, And will be moving over the next few days. Please keep the requests coming we will be back in gear ASAP. The new URL will be here right after we move, And there should be no loss of service at all. Thanx for your support we couldn't have done this without you :)

Dragon's Den

April 10-11, 2001

We are working on the next update. And have had a generous donation of a bunch of Flyers. More coming soon !!


April 8, 2001

23 new pieces of side art added. Requests : Sabrewulf, 1942, Gauntlet, KOF Girls, Major Havoc, Paperboy, Primal Rage, Sarge Female, and Splatter house Filled.


April 7, 2001